NINEDOTS Gathering 2016

When four of the best UK wedding photographers band together and create an annual gathering of mind expanding photography talks, ping pong and outright crazy partying, then ask me to document it, the only answer is yes!

So a couple of weeks ago I jumped on a train to sunny London, cameras at the ready. Like every person in attendance, I had an awesome time.

Two days of inspirational photography talks from speakers hand picked from around the world, with a (very competitive) ping pong tournament sandwiched in-between leave everyone feeling motivated to push themselves and their business forward. When it came to the after party, I’d been told to expect something epic. It was. No doubt the craziest dance floor I’ve ever witnessed, with non stop partying from 8pm until way after 2am. Big shout to DJ extraordinaire Martin2Smooth, a mind reader of the crowd, he pulled out tune after tune! After 16+ hours shooting, I finally ran out of memory cards, but still had a few batteries left in myself for a little more dancing before falling into a work/Gin induced coma when the nightclub had to close.

It was great to catch up with lots of old friends, and meet so many new ones. When most of the summer is spent hidden away in dark offices editing away, inspiration and partying at the end of the wedding year are much needed for us wedding photographers. I enjoyed every moment of the gathering, even going out in the first round of the ping-pong tournament by losing 11-1 (twice)  – we tried  our best Olly!

Huge thanks to the ninedots boys, Rahul, Adam, Andy and Mick. Their hard work made all this possible. I know the dates for 2017’s gathering are being finalised, so keep a look out and snap them up quick.

During the gathering, I approached my photography as I do my weddings. Unposed, undirected, using the available light, focused on capturing moments. Whilst the lighting and busy backgrounds were challenging at times, it was a great experience to shoot… even if a little nerve-wracking photographing a room full of the best photographers in the world. A snippet of the 2 days below, turn the volume up and watch it big!

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  1. These pictures are a gift that keep giving Adam! I’ve had another look through pausing at each image and I’ve noticed so many more funny things you’ve captured that I missed first time round – e.g. Adam looking like he’s contemplating throwing a ping pong ball at a baby at 1:08!

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