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I blogged a selection of images from Lydia and Michael’s wedding a couple of months ago, it was a post showing the capability of one of my cameras – the Fuji X-Pro 1 (it’s a testament to this camera, that many of the shots below were taken with it). I promised to blog a complete selection of images from the day at The Fishermans Retreat in the future, and I’ve finally gotten around to it!

When Lydia first contacted me about capturing her wedding day she outlined the importance of documenting it intimately, with images that really showed what it was like to be a guest at the wedding. As this is always the ethos behind my approach, I was thrilled to be able to provide this on behalf of Lydia and Michael.

 After starting the day capturing Lydia preparing at her Mum’s house, I headed across to the picturesque Fishermans Retreat for the ceremony and reception. Michael is Australian, so unfortunately not all of his family and friends could make the epic trip around the world to Lancashire – however due to the wonders of technology, many Aussies managed to watch the ceremony live via ipad video streaming – including an amazing Star Wars imperial march “wedding mix” that Lydia came down the aisle to!

A was a lovely small and intimate wedding with a nicely chilled out and relaxed feeling all day, and this continued through to the speeches and evening drinks. I really enjoyed getting close to the action, and getting to know some of the guests really well. After grabbing a tasty homemade Australian “Lamington” cake, I headed off for the evening, leaving Michael, Lydia and their guests to enjoy themselves!

Before sharing the images, I thought I’d share an email I received from Lydia after delivering the photographs, it made me smile and notes like this are a definite highlight of my job 🙂

“Hi Adam, I can’t stop looking at them, they are so beautiful and full of life and emotion from the day. I even look like a real bride in some of them…perhaps not so much in others, which makes me love them all the more :) You truly are an artist. Michael and I really want to thank you for being a part of our day, you were a talking point for so many people I’ve spoken to since the wedding, they all mentioned how each would be having fun and then hear a click click behind them but not one person felt uncomfortable and many commented on your discretion. They also mentioned they loved talking to you when they managed to pin you down and really can’t wait to see how you documented the day, particularly as many have only been part of the traditional posed wedding photos so are really intrigued and delighted to see themselves in your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you and whether you like it or not you are officially an honorary member of the family :)

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Wedding photographer Fishermans Retreat: please do not heistate to contact me to discuss your requirements 🙂

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    1. Thanks Paul, I really enjoyed the flexibility of the Fuji. It does not compare to my 5d mk 3 in low light, and focus can be problematic – but its an excellent camera, gives real freedom at a wedding 🙂

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