Before the wedding season gets into full swing, we decided on a last minute trip to Phucket, Thiland. Laura and I have always loved to travel, and wanted to continue seeing the world with our little man Noah. Travelling across the world with a toddler isn’t the easiest, but it was definitely worth it!

We are used to travelling around the countries we visit and I immerse myself in enjoying the culture and taking photos. This year was a little different, with playing in the sea, lounging my the pool and drinking cocktails taking priority :-). We had a couple of trips around Phuket, visiting the old town and a brief (tired/grumpy toddler!) visit to the crazy town of Patong.

The people and country are something else in Thailand, and reminded me of Vietnam. Noah was adored and impressed the locals with his use of “Sawasdee Krab” and “Khob khun Krab”!

On the day we arrived, the nearby Surin beachfront, filled with shops and nightclubs had been bulldozed. Apparently the Thai government want to make the area more natural. It will look beautiful when cleaned up, hopefully they don’t build a selection of big hotels in the future!  I managed to grab a few street images around Surin whilst Noah was napping in the daytime, and also a few frames on our trips out and about. But I mostly relaxed, enjoyed time with the family and had a beer or two.

All the shots below are with the new Fuji Xpro 2 and 23mm lens (35 equiv). I love this little camera as much as I did my Xpro1, and its much improved. I’ve used it for a couple of weddings already, and am looking forward to paring it with my LeicaQ for this year. You can also see some of my iphone and film shots (Leica M6) over on Instagram.

Phucket street photography01 Phucket street photography02 Phucket street photography03 Phucket street photography04 Phucket street photography05 Phucket street photography06 Phucket street photography07 Phucket street photography08 Phucket street photography09 Phucket street photography10 Phucket street photography11 Phucket street photography12 Phucket street photography13 Phucket street photography14 Phucket street photography15 Phucket street photography16 Phucket street photography17 Phucket street photography18 Phucket street photography19

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