“Amazing! Incredible! Maybe a few tears!”

23rd June 2016. Referendum day.  Everyone in the UK was talking about the potential split with Europe. Everyone, that is, apart from all of us at The Ashes in Staffordshire. Here it was all about the union of Thea and Liam!

A truly homemade affair, the dressing of the venue had been expertly executed by Thea, Liam and their helpers. When Thea arrived in the morning, she was busy preparing the flowers, in the meantime here talented sister was assembling the homemade wedding cake  (delicious, I later discovered). Thea had even made all the bridesmaids dresses, truly impressive!

After capturing Thea and the girls getting ready on-site at The Ashes, I headed down the road where Liam and the boys were getting ready at a small cottage. It was next to a pub, not sure if thats why Liam was so keen to get ready here 😉  and I documented their preparations before following them next door. A swift pint put them in good stead for the rest of the day. Thea and Liam are big Ale fans (each table had their own brew) and the beer theme flowed through the day.

This was my first wedding at the Ashes, and what a beautiful setting it was. With highland cattle roaming the fields and sweeping views of then the Staffordshire countryside, it looked perfect on this lovely summers day. A beautiful ceremony took place in the aptly named ceremony barn, before drinks, canapés, games and laughter filled the afternoon in the courtyard. Speeches with beer flowing proceeded the live music and free flowing dance moves.

It was a pleasure to capture the day for two people so much in love, a huge thanks to Liam and Thea for letting me document their wedding at The Ashes. Some of my favourite images below…

Bride prep at the Ashes wedding venuewedding-at-the-ashes_0002 wedding-at-the-ashes_0003 Bride prep at the Asheswedding-at-the-ashes_0004 wedding-at-the-ashes_0005 wedding-at-the-ashes_0006 wedding-at-the-ashes_0007 wedding-at-the-ashes_0008 wedding-at-the-ashes_0009 wedding-at-the-ashes_0010 wedding-at-the-ashes_0011 wedding-at-the-ashes_0012 wedding-at-the-ashes_0014 wedding-at-the-ashes_0015 wedding-at-the-ashes_0016 wedding-at-the-ashes_0017 wedding-at-the-ashes_0018 wedding-at-the-ashes_0019 wedding-at-the-ashes_0020 wedding-at-the-ashes_0021

wedding at the asheswedding-at-the-ashes_0023

ceremony The Ashes wedding venue

wedding ceremony at the ashes
wedding-at-the-ashes_0026 wedding-at-the-ashes_0027 The Ashes wedding venue wedding-at-the-ashes_0029 wedding-at-the-ashes_0030 wedding-at-the-ashes_0031 documentary wedding photography wedding-at-the-ashes_0033 The Ashes staffordshire wedding-at-the-ashes_0035 wedding-at-the-ashes_0036 The Ashes wedding venue staffs wedding-at-the-ashes_0038 wedding-at-the-ashes_0039 wedding-at-the-ashes_0040 wedding-at-the-ashes_0041 wedding-at-the-ashes_0042 wedding-at-the-ashes_0043 wedding-at-the-ashes_0044 wedding-at-the-ashes_0045 wedding-at-the-ashes_0046 wedding-at-the-ashes_0047 wedding-at-the-ashes_0048 wedding-at-the-ashes_0049 wedding-at-the-ashes_0050 wedding-at-the-ashes_0051 wedding-at-the-ashes_0052 wedding-at-the-ashes_0053 wedding-at-the-ashes_0054 wedding-at-the-ashes_0055 wedding-at-the-ashes_0056 wedding-at-the-ashes_0057 wedding-at-the-ashes_0058 wedding-at-the-ashes_0059


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