Documentary Wedding Photography

Due to its increasing popularity with brides and grooms, documentary wedding photography is a phrase that is mentioned on many wedding photographers websites. But what is this style actually about? In essence, this type of photography is about capturing the story of the day – with images that are natural and un-posed. However documenting the day in this way requires a unique approach in the manner that the photographer reacts and responds to the environment around them. When I’m capturing a wedding, the most important part of my approach is how I interact with the bridal party and guests. Getting close to the action without interfering, embodying the spirit of the day without effecting it and allowing the bride and groom to live every moment of their special day without performing for the camera.

Proving that the most beautiful photos do not need to be orchestrated and that in many cases the reverse is true. Often the photos that are treasured by the couples and their family alike are those that are the most emotive, from capturing stolen glances and subconscious displays of affection between the newlyweds to the instinctive, joyous reactions of their closest friends and family.

Previously, I’ve tried to explain in words how my approach works and the minimal impact it has on the wedding day itself, however I have found that past bride and grooms have summed up my approach far more succinctly and effectively than I can (I have included some of these kind words in my testimonials section of my website). So this time around I have decided to support the feedback from my clients with a small slideshow that I hope will demonstrate the power of documentary wedding photography – letting the images do the talking, which is my way….

(best viewed with the volume turned up)

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