35mm wedding photographer

35mm Wedding Photographer

35mm Wedding Photographer

I’ve been shooting 35mm film on my Leica M6 since 2013. Most of that shooting has been for personal use (street photography and my family). However, last year I started taking a few frames at weddings alongside my digital cameras.

I loved it! I’ve decided to offer the option as a 35mm wedding photographer alongside my digital coverage.

Film is such a wonderful tool to making you a better photographer. In this digital age, it’s all too easy to take hundreds of photos without even thinking about it, let alone look through them all in the future. Most iphone photos have no skill involved, no thought on light, composition or moment. I bought both my kids Kodak Instax cameras for that very reason, to teach them the value of slowing down and appreciating an image

I love shooting with a Leica, I’ve extensively used and reviewed the Leica Q and Leica M10. The cameras are a joy to use, allowing me to focus on capturing moments. Film makes it even more so. Waiting for a moment and creating something unique, a true analog moment in time. Shooting film can definitely be more challenging, but the amazing colours and of course, never knowing what you have got make it something special.

On your wedding day, I’ll shoot a roll of film (colour or black and white – your choice). You will receive high resolution film scans of the roll, and the negatives will be yours to keep. A true unique heirloom to be treasured.

Some wedding and personal images taken on my M6 below. If you are interested in adding the option of me shooting some 35mm film alongside my usual package’s on your wedding day, please get in touch to find out more.




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