The Bowdon Rooms wedding photography

The Bowdon Rooms wedding : Adessa and Andy

It’s just over 2 years since shooting Adessa and Andy’s summer wedding at the Bowdon rooms in Altringham. I can’t believe that summer back in 2019 was my last shooting full size summer weddings. But things are finally starting to return to normal, and whilst I catch up onmy blogging, Adessa and Andy’s day reminded me of how great things can be!

Andy is a keen rugby player. One thing is for sure, rugby players having a few beers always results in unusual moments to capture. One of my favourites from the day features a guest with a belt around his head (this image has won a couple of awards). The rugby lads had devised a game where they took their belts off, buckled them around their heads, got on their hands and knees and pulled with all their might! It continued until a belt snapped! I got lots of frames of the game, but chose a shot that obscures the 2nd participant and leaves the viewer wondering what is going on.

I know Adessa and Andy have recently had a little baby girl. I like to think she will love looking at these photos in years to come whilst being told stories of how cool mum and dadwere cool once too and how they loved every minute of their wedding day 😁.

As usual, some of my favourite documentary storytelling frames below…

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  1. These images are fantastic, Adam. I love the opening image and you have really captured the spirit of the evening party. The couple must be delighted.

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