A bit about me

I used to be a Forensic Scientist. After many enjoyable years of microscopes + DNA, I decided to follow my dream. 

I’ve been a full time cheshire wedding photographer for over 10 years.

Based in south Manchester on the outskirts of Cheshire, I live with my wife Laura, our boys Noah + Lev and our fluffball labradoodle Quorra. We can often be found on dog walks, kids running wild and Quorra covered in mud!

I’m the chef of the house, I love cooking, especially outside on my ceramic BBQ (Christmas dinner the past 3 years has been slow cooked on it). Every weekend we cook waffles and cover them with maple syrup!

I love oil painting (my Instagram stories often filled with what I’m working on)  long rides on my gravel bike and camping adventures with the family.

I‘m a huge film fan and in our house we watch way too much Netflix / Disney+. Laura and I used to visit the cinema all the time. Now we generally go to watch the latest pixar film with the boys, I secretly love it!

I’m always documenting our little family. 2020 was a crazy year, one positive was spending so much time together. A small sample of our year in the video below...

I’m also a street photographer, I love to look for unexpected moments and capture everyday life. Whether that’s travelling to experience different cultures, or documenting our family. I love framing life in my viewfinder. 

My wedding work is an extension of my passion.

I am a longstanding member of the Wedding Photojournalistic AssociationNamed in the top 25 wedding photographers in the world in 2018 + Top 15 in the world in 2019 (This is Reportage), 

You can catch up on my latest work (+ see the dog / kids causing havoc) via Instagram

Hear more about me (from how I started in photography, to my favourite Netflix shows) in this Podcast interview.


The pandemic lockdown of 2020 was a worrying time for everyone.  My life changed from full time photographer, to full time teacher. 

We made the most of this year together, and I documented it in my lockdown blog. Some of the images were featured in an exhibition in Manchester with Be Your Gallery, and this video about me was produced by LemonTape.

Please get in touch to check my availability + chat about your day, I’d love to provide my unique take on it.


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Huge thanks to Anna Hardy Photography for the photo of our little family.