I love  shooting the dancefloor on a wedding day. The energy, love and unique moments just make it one of the most fun parts of the day to document. It’s really easy to get close to the action (it helps that most guests are very merry!). As everyone lets their hair down, the day reaches is climax of celebration.

More and more I’m shooting until the end of the night. From a story point of view, everything is told. From drinking prosecco in PJ’s in the morning, to being hoisted on the shoulders of guests for the final dance, drinking in the moment.

Below are some of my favourite late night party shots, with a little background on each image, hopefully giving an insight as to why I do this…


last dance
I jumped on stage with the band to capture this moment at the end of the night. Pippa + William’s guests spontaneously got down low whilst they shared a kiss mid “final dance”


Groom + mum. This shot of Ed dancing with his mum (and the bride with her Dad in the background) is the type of moment I just love.


Staying late always allows me to capture fireworks.


The late night dancefloor is often home to a dance off!


Becca and Ben lifted up high by their guests at the end of the night.


The grooms aunty,  famed for her enthusiasm of Tina Turners Proud Mary (my fav wedding track).


At the end of the night, the music has just finished. A sweaty bride and groom hug both mums.