Alice and Manu Saturday

Some time alone…

I’m super keen that you are allowed to live in the moment of wedding day and not pose in front of a camera for long periods. However that doesn’t mean you cant have some portraits. Nothing too stiff and posed, I ask you to have a walk together away from family and friends, while I capture some beautiful moments of you together. I also quickly grab a traditional “looking at camera shot” a welcome addition to your parents mantlepiece and perfect for thank you cards! It’s actually really great way for you both to spend some time alone and chat about the day.

The amount of time we spend on this is something we discuss before hand and is completely upto you on the day. It’s usually between 5 and 10 minutes for couple shots and 10 minutes for groups shots.

Below are a selection of relaxed couple portraits I’ve taken…

Fountains abbey wedding photography
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