The second in my series of ‘photo stories’ is an image from Vikki and Rob’s wedding at Arley Hall in Cheshire. I’m currrently in the process of designing a wedding album for Vikki and Rob, and this shot is one of my favourites.

Vikki is obviously really close to her Dad, and throughout the day I managed to capture a few special moments of them together. The image was taken outside the entrance to Norcliffe Chapel in Styal. Vikki, her Dad and bridesmaids had just made the walk along the picturesque countryside path to reach the Church entrance, where the Reverend, Alex was waiting to great them. As Alex went through the final preparations with Vikki, I squeezed myself against the door and waited for him to cue the bridal entrance music, I knew at that point father and daughter could look at each other before stepping into the church. Luckily, this is exactly what happened, and I managed to capture a frame of the look that passed between them seconds before heading down the aisle.

I am close to the action here without interfering, a key aspect to my approach on the day. For me, the closer the image, the more emotion it can portray. It provides a realistic viewpoint, a fly on the wall in this natural moment. A “paparazzi style” shot with a long zoom lens would never have conveyed the moment. I love the emotion in this shot…the immense pride of Dad as his reassures his daughter – I’m sure he has considered this moment for months, of even years, his final moments with his daughter before giving her away. The excitement and anticipation is clear to see on Vikkis face, and she can’t help but break into a huge smile as she looks at her Dad.

As a reportage wedding photographer, identifying and anticipating potential shots is part of the art to this style of photography. For as many moments that are successfully captured in this way there are just some that dont play out as envisaged, a sudden distraction may divert the subjects attention or other members of the wedding party move to block the shot. Obviously this goes with the territory of undirected wedding photographer and just makes shots such as the one below even better when captured – when everything has played out exactly as was envisaged and results in such an intimate portrait of bride and father.

Bride and Father

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