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This summer I was in sunny Essex for Louise and Adam’s big day at Maidens’ Barn. I love travelling around the UK to different wedding venues, I’m not the kind of photographer that needs to be in the same settings, week after week, applying a formula to my photography. I approach every day with no particular plan, I get a timetable, but often joke with couples, “just tell me where to be and when, I’ll just go with the flow the rest of the day”. I don’t want all my pictures to look the same. They shouldn’t, as every couple is unique, and it’s this sense of them and their day I’m capturing.

This is exactly what Louise and Adam allowed me to do. Such a super chilled couple, after chatting over skype, I knew the day was going to be relaxed and focused on having fun, and I wasn’t wrong! The morning I started with Louise and the girls at mum’s house, before heading to High Easter Church  in time for the arrival of Adam and the guests (who arrived on mass in a traditional double decker bus). A gorgeous ceremony followed, and as a beaming Adam and Louise exited the church amongst the confetti, the champagne was already being cracked open for the trip over to Maidens Barn. Here the party really got going, with everyone making the most of the sunny English weather, Adam and Louise enjoying ever moment of their day with family and friends.

Some of my favorite storytelling images from the day below..

maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0002 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0003 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0004 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0005 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0006 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0007 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0008 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0009 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0010 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0011 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0012 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0013 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0014 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0015 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0016 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0017 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0018 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0019 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0020 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0021 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0022 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0023 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0024 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0025 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0026 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0027 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0028 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0029 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0030 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0031 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0032 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0033 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0034 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0035 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0036 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0037 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0038 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0039 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0040 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0041 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0042 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0043 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0044 maidens-barn-wedding-photography_0045

If you are planning a wedding at Maidens Barn in Essex, or indeed anywhere in the world. Drop me an email for more information on my unique approach to wedding photography.

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