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September saw me relatively close to home, in Cheshire‘s Peak District for Caroline and Benny’s Common Barn Farm Wedding. When I arrived in the morning, the Farm was buzzing with activity as the last of the finishing touches were put into place in the Marquee – Ben and his best men were hard at work sorting out a few last minute sound issues 🙂

In contrast to the men, Caroline and the girls were nicely relaxed, enjoying champagne and chocolates as they prepared for the day in one of the lovely stone cottages at the farm. Lots of the family were staying at the Farms B&B, and I spent the morning capturing all of the different aspects of the wedding day preparation.

A VW camper ride through the hills, led us to a quaint little church where the ceremony was to take place, a relaxed affair in which the vicar had everyone laughing away. A little emotional, Benny was obviously blown alway when he first saw his wife to be walking up the aisle.

A marquee wedding on the outskirts of Manchester, sunshine might have been too much to hope for. But the day was blessed with glorious weather all day – allowing everyone to absorb the spectacular views and enjoy the fairground games.

A truly relaxed day, it was the sort of wedding I love to document. Some of my favourite images (there are quite a few!) below…

Common barn farm wedding documentary wedding photgrapher wedding flowers common barn bride makeup Common-barn-farm-wedding006 groom prep groom belt Common-barn-farm-wedding008 Common-barn-farm-wedding011 Common-barn-farm-wedding012 Common-barn-farm-wedding013 Common-barn-farm-wedding014 wedding jewellery Common-barn-farm-wedding015 Peak district Church Common-barn-farm-wedding017 Common-barn-farm-wedding018 Common-barn-farm-wedding019 flower girls at church Common-barn-farm-wedding021 Common-barn-farm-wedding022 Peak district Church

The little engine on the VW camper van struggled with the steep hills, meaning Caroline was fashionably late to the church. One of the most relaxed vicars I’ve had the pleasure of working with wasn’t worrying though 🙂

vicar stopwatch
Common-barn-farm-wedding025 Common-barn-farm-wedding026 Common-barn-farm-wedding027 Common-barn-farm-wedding028 camper van arriving at churh Common-barn-farm-wedding030 Common-barn-farm-wedding031 Common-barn-farm-wedding032 Common-barn-farm-wedding033 Common-barn-farm-wedding034 Common-barn-farm-wedding035 Common-barn-farm-wedding036 Common-barn-farm-wedding037 sixty minute marriage Common-barn-farm-wedding039 Common-barn-farm-wedding040 Common-barn-farm-wedding041 Common-barn-farm-wedding042 Common-barn-farm-wedding043 Common-barn-farm-wedding044 Common-barn-farm-wedding045 Common-barn-farm-wedding046 Common-barn-farm-wedding047 documentary wedding photograpy Common-barn-farm-wedding049 Common-barn-farm-wedding050 documentary wedding photograpy vw camper wedding Common barn farm wedding Common-barn-farm-wedding055 Common barn farm weddings Common-barn-farm-wedding057 Common-barn-farm-wedding058 Common-barn-farm-wedding059 Common-barn-farm-wedding060 Common barn farm wedding photographer Common-barn-farm-wedding061 Common-barn-farm-wedding062 Common-barn-farm-wedding063 Common barn farm Common-barn-farm-wedding065 Common-barn-farm-wedding066 Common-barn-farm-wedding067 Common-barn-farm-wedding068 Common barn farm speech Common-barn-farm-wedding070 Common-barn-farm-wedding071 Common-barn-farm-wedding072 Common-barn-farm-wedding073 Common-barn-farm-wedding074 Common-barn-farm-wedding075 Common-barn-farm-wedding076 Common-barn-farm-wedding077 Common-barn-farm-wedding078 Common-barn-farm-wedding079 Common-barn-farm-wedding080 Common-barn-farm-wedding081 Common-barn-farm-wedding082 Common-barn-farm-wedding083 Common-barn-farm-wedding084 Common-barn-farm-wedding085 Common-barn-farm-wedding086 Common-barn-farm-wedding087 Common-barn-farm-wedding088 Common-barn-farm-wedding089 Common-barn-farm-wedding090 Common-barn-farm-wedding091 Common-barn-farm-wedding092 Common-barn-farm-wedding093 Common-barn-farm-wedding094 Common-barn-farm-wedding095 Common-barn-farm-wedding096 Common-barn-farm-wedding097 Common-barn-farm-wedding098 Common-barn-farm-marquee

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  1. Fantastic! I particularly love that shot of them toasting in the camper van! Great photojournalism – really interesting and atmospheric shots. You have used the location perfectly.

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