Noah is 1 year old today! It’s been an awesome year that has absolutely flown by. I love taking photos of the little dude, and made it my mission to try and capture one every day during his first year.

Check out the results below. Turn the sound on as there is some audio 🙂

 *mainly taken on iphone/Olympus OMD EM5 / Fuji XT1

6 thoughts on “Noah: Year One”

  1. I came here to catch up on your wedding photography but ended up watching this instead! As a father of 2 young boys, this was truly very moving to watch, and definitely the most wonderful keepsake for you and Noah. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll come back and view some of your wedding photography, but for now I’m happy to have stumbled across this 🙂 All the best for year 2.

  2. I am not a father, but just watching this video brought a smile and a tear to my eyes. Such a beautiful and touching video, a video full of love and fond memories that can and will last a lifetime. Such a perfect record for Noah and also for you and your family. To you all, I wish you all the very best for year two and to many many more years to come.


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