Top 15 Best Best Wedding Photographers in the world : 2019

Today I was thrilled to learn I’ve been awarded #14 for Top Wedding Photographers in the world with esteemed wedding website This is Reportage! Gaining a place on the top 100 list produced each year is incredibly difficult. It is based on the number of awards won throughout the year (just the top 1-3% are typically awarded), and I have been lucky enough to win 5 reportage and 3 story awards. 🙂

best wedding photographers in the world

 “The photographers below have shown themselves to be at the very top of their game; capturing moment after moment to an incredibly high, world-class standard. To win a single Reportage Award or Story Award is incredibly difficult – our judges (who change for each round) typically only choose the top few percent from our thousands of submissions as winners – so to win multiple is an incredible achievement”

My winning single shot images, and a few of my story images below…

top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0001 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0002 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0003 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0004 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0005 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0006 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0007 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0008 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0009 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0010 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0011 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0012 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0013 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0014 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0015 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0016 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0017 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0018 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0019 top wedding_photographers_in_the_world_0020

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