So, crazy times in the world right now. If being in lockdown for a few weeks (months?) does not provide me with enough time to get upto date with my blogging, nothing will! I’ll be blogging weddings at least once a week, I’m also doing a weekly personal blog /diary of our family in the current situation. Check it out over on my Documentary Portraits website.

Anyway, back to happier times!

Mitton Hall Wedding : Jen + Dan

“Thank you so so much. You were amazing yesterday, everybody has been singing your praises and your’e a true gentleman and professional. I’m not one for having pictures taken of me but I want to find an excuse to use you again!”

Although Jen and Dan wanted to create a perfect wedding day for themselves, they placed most importance on creating an amazing day for every single guest that joined them at their Mitton Hall Wedding. In my view they totally succeeded, the happy couple made the day their own with a unique Disney theme, and treated their guests to an array of games and treats throughout the day. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I got to eat plenty of ice cream, candy-floss and popcorn, a triple bonus.

A big hat’s off has to go to Jen’s dad who handmade many of the games and activities, including a huge light up LOVE sign, epic crazy golf course, limbo, giant connect 4,  ringtoss, skittles and many more (all supposed to all be outside, but moved indoor due to rainy British weather). He could easily set up a lawn game hire business with all the things he made!

Happier people you could not meet. the joy on their faces (+ all their guests) is clear to see. Some of my favourite storytelling images below. #iDontStageMoments

“WOW Adam!!! Thank you so much we absolutely love them all! You must have been running around all day! Thank you for capturing everything! “


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Jen + Dan’s Mitton Hall Wedding suppliers:

Band – Marc & Abi Band

Florist = Flower Design

Brides Dress – Via Ava Rose Hamilton

Bridesmaid dresses – Ronald Joyce via Because I Love You

Suits – Marc Darcy via Bridgewater Menswear


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