Castle Hedingham Wedding – Lucinda and Michael


7th July 2018. The day England beat Sweden in the World Cup quarter finals (we were going to win it for sure), but more importantly the day Lucy and Mike celebrated their wedding at Lucy’s family home!

Set in the beautiful sunny Essex village of Castle Hedingham, it was the perfect blend of the two families. Mike’s family made the trip across the Atlantic from America, and jumped straight into the football fever, supporting England whole-heartedly. Every one of them singing 3 lions at the top of their lungs at midnight is definitely on my list of one of the best things I’ve seen!

The 3pm kick off (I mean ceremony), coincided with the start of the World Cup match. I must admit to a couple of sneaky checks of my phone during the ceremony, luckily I remained calm when England quickly went 1-0 up.

Anyway, enough of the football. That didn’t have a happy ending!

I always love shooting new and unique venues, you can’t get more so than home garden weddings. When I arrived in the morning, Lucy’s Dad was hard at work with a wheel barrow, putting the final touches to the beautiful garden. The garage had been converted into a stunning marquee style reception area and everything was set for an amazing day. The girls got ready in the family home, which I shot before a short walk to catch Mike and his guests having a swift pint at the local. St Nicholas’ church is beautiful, originally built in 1180, the US guests loved the quaint English setting, and the service was perfect. A short walk home (lead by a brass band!) and we were back at home for drink, games, food and partying!

I stayed until the final whistle (sorry), and loved capturing the whole story for Lucy and Mike. Coincidentally, Lucy messaged me on Instagram whilst I was writing this post, “I still look at the pics almost every day, they bring us so much joy” That made my day!

A few of my favourite images below….


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