dancing peckforton castle

“We loved having you be a part of our day and absolutely adore every single photo you captured!”

When I arrived at the stunning Peckforton Castle, paparazzi were standing outside the gatehouse where Charlotte and her bridesmaids were getting ready. It turns out Beyonce, and other American celebrity royalty had been at a dream English castle wedding the day before. Peckforton Castle certainly is the stuff of fairytales, and was to be the perfect backdrop for Charlotte and Tom’s epic day.

The morning saw Tom and his dad putting their carpentry skills to the test, assembling a home made signpost for guests. I then documented Tom getting suited and booted at the castle before heading back to the lodge where Charlotte’s mum was helping her into a stunning dress.

I’ve never failed to be impressed my the great hall at Peckforton, and it looked stunning for the ceremony. A beaming Charlotte walking down the aisle bordered by impressive flowers. A gorgeous ceremony set the tone for the day, two people totally in love!

In the evening, soon after the first dance, the band must have been playing too loud and the electricity for the great hall cut out. Here began a 5 minute drum solo, equal in skill to one I saw Cypress Hill perform at Milton Keys Bowl many years ago. The hall went wild and I saw first hand how Tom moves on the dancefloor better than any Destiny’s child member 😉

It was an absolute pleasure to capture this Peckforton Castle wedding for Charlotte and Tom. I had so much fun being a part of it, and I know everyone else did too!

peckforton-castle-wedding_0001 peckforton-castle-wedding_0002 peckforton-castle-wedding_0008 peckforton castle wedding peckforton-castle-wedding_0004 peckforton-castle-wedding_0005 groom getting ready peckforton castle groom getting ready peckforton castle peckforton-castle-wedding_0009 bride getting ready peckforton bride getting ready peckforton castle peckforton-castle-wedding_0012 peckforton-castle-wedding_0013 peckforton-castle-wedding_0014 peckforton-castle-wedding_0015 peckforton-castle-wedding_0016 peckforton-castle-wedding_0018 peckforton-castle-wedding_0017 peckforton-castle-wedding_0019 peckforton-castle-wedding_0020 peckforton-castle-wedding_0021 wedding ceremony peckforton castle peckforton-castle-wedding_0023 wedding ceremony peckforton peckforton-castle-wedding_0025 peckforton-castle-wedding_0026 peckforton-castle-wedding_0027 peckforton-castle-wedding_0028 peckforton-castle-wedding_0029 peckforton-castle-wedding_0030 peckforton-castle-wedding_0031 peckforton-castle-wedding_0032 peckforton-castle-wedding_0033 peckforton-castle-wedding_0034 peckforton-castle-wedding_0035 peckforton-castle-wedding_0036 peckforton-castle-wedding_0037 peckforton-castle-wedding_0038 peckforton-castle-wedding_0039 dancing peckforton castle peckforton-castle-wedding_0041 peckforton-castle-wedding_0042 peckforton-castle-wedding_0043 peckforton-castle-wedding_0044 peckforton-castle-wedding_0045 peckforton-castle-wedding_0046 peckforton-castle-wedding_0047 peckforton-castle-wedding_0048

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