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2022 has been an amazing year for weddings. After the craziness of the past couple of years, it was so good to see everyone having the time of their lives! I travelled all over the UK (wow it was hot!) and shot a couple of beautiful weddings in France.

As the wedding season winds down, I love looking back at all the images I’ve delivered over the year. Remembering the back-garden weddings, city centre celebrations and Parisian parties. Watching people hug, dance, sing and cry. Wherever your emotions and dancing feet take you, I’ll quietly capture these moments. It’s a privilege to be a part of these moments. Although narrowing down the images to create a blog post of favourites is always the most difficult of tasks!

12 years, and hundreds of weddings later, I still love documenting stories. The joy for me is that feeling of nailing a shot, waiting for something to come together, and then it finally happening. It’s the same feeling as shooting street photography, and rewarding week after week. All the photos here are 100% unposed, documentary images, shot using available light. If I moved couples in the same poses and plopped them on a bridge every weekend, I don’t think I’d still be shooting weddings.

Whenever I chat with a couple about their wedding day, I provide just one simple piece of advice. Go and have the most amazing day of your lives. If you do that, I’ll get good photos! Thanks to all of the couples who did just that this year, I’ve narrowed down the thousands of images I’ve delivered to just 100. Frames that make me smile, images that sum up my approach and the things I see. My best wedding photography 2022 …

Thanks for looking at my Best wedding photography 2022. If you are looking for a wedding photographer to document the story of your day. Get in touch to check my availability.


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10 thoughts on “Best Wedding Photography 2022”

  1. Lyndsey Goddard

    Another bloody brilliant year. Great compositions and use of light, not to mention split second moments captured perfectly. Love the self portrait on the car/street reflection, too. Here’s to 2023!

  2. An absolutely cracking set dude, thoroughly enjoyed going through! Some really well seen moments, and loving your humorous perspective as well. Wishing you an equally awesome 2023 my good man 🙂

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