My wife often previews my photos and this wedding gets the same set of comments each time she sees it, ‘that beautiful dress!’ (obviously the brides) shortly followed by ‘those beautiful dresses’ (this time the bridesmaids) and finally ‘it looks like it was such a fun day’. Although I am becoming more attuned to the world of wedding couture, they were lovely dresses, it is the final comment that makes me smile as it matches my own lasting memories of the day, it was fun! Laura and Phil are a great couple and it was such an honour to capture the celebrations of their marriage at Pounden House in Oxfordshire this year!

After traveling down to Oxford the night before, I joined Laura, her bridesmaids and parents at the beautiful Cherbridge Cottages. Where overlooked by the local wildlife, they prepared for the day in the morning sun on the balcony 🙂 Once ready, we all headed to the beautiful Church, where Phil eagerly awaited his bride! The vicar was particularly lovely, and oversaw a relaxed service. My favourite part being a couple of military ushers having fun making their presence known during the  “does anyone object” moment.

I often travel around the UK shooting weddings and enjoy the opportunity to shoot at new venues. Pounden House did not disappoint with lovely ornate rooms and beautifully manicured grounds. This Summer’s glorious weather was on hand, perfect for the marquee reception and evening party.

In the evening the dance floor was packed, The Roustabouts mixing some awesome music to get everyone out of their seats!

“Thank you so very very much – the photos are just incredible! We are completely in love with them; they are so perfect as they tell such a great story of the day and they are all such fantastic shots. You are so talented! We can’t wait to share them with everyone! “

Some of my favourite storytelling images of this gorgeous Poundon House wedding below, please feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Poundon House Wedding photographer_0001Poundon House Wedding photographer_0005Poundon House Wedding photographer_0002Poundon House Wedding photographer_0003Poundon House Wedding photographer_0004Poundon House Wedding photographer_0006Poundon House Wedding photographer_0008Poundon House Wedding photographer_0009Poundon House Wedding photographer_0010bride makeup Poundon House Wedding photographer_0011Poundon House Wedding photographer_0012Poundon House Wedding photographer_0013Poundon House Wedding photographer_0015Poundon House Wedding photographer_0016Poundon House Wedding photographer_0017Poundon House Wedding photographer_0018Poundon House Wedding photographer_0019Poundon House Wedding photographer_0020Poundon House Wedding photographer_0021Poundon House Wedding photographer_0022Poundon House Wedding photographer_0023Poundon House Wedding photographer_0007Poundon House Wedding photographer_0024Poundon House Wedding photographer_0025Poundon House Wedding photographer_0026Poundon House Wedding photographer_0027Poundon House Wedding photographer_0028Poundon House Wedding photographer_0029Poundon House Wedding photographer_0030Poundon House Wedding photographer_0031Poundon House Wedding photographer_0033Poundon House Wedding photographer_0032Poundon House Wedding photographer_0034Poundon House Wedding photographer_0035Poundon House Wedding photographer_0036Poundon House Wedding photographer_0037Poundon House Wedding photographer_0038Poundon House Wedding photographer_0039Poundon House Wedding photographer_0040Poundon House Wedding photographer_0041Poundon House Wedding photographer_0042Poundon House Wedding photographer_0043Poundon House Wedding photographer_0044Poundon House Wedding photographer_0045Poundon House Wedding photographer_0046Poundon House Wedding photographer_0047Poundon House Wedding photographer_0049Poundon House Wedding photographer_0050Poundon House Wedding photographer_0051Poundon House Wedding photographer_0052Poundon House Wedding photographer_0053Poundon House Wedding photographer_0058Poundon House Wedding photographer_0054Poundon House Wedding photographer_0055Poundon House Wedding photographer_0056Poundon House Wedding photographer_0057Poundon House Wedding photographer_0059Poundon House Wedding photographer_0060Poundon House Wedding photographer_0061Poundon House Wedding photographer_0062Poundon House Wedding photographer_0063Poundon House Wedding photographer_0064Poundon House Wedding photographer_0065Poundon House Wedding photographer_0066Poundon House Wedding photographer_0067Poundon House Wedding photographer_0068Poundon House Wedding photographer_0070Poundon House Wedding photographer_0071Poundon House Wedding photographer_0072Poundon House Wedding photographer_0073Poundon House Wedding photographer_0074Poundon House Wedding photographer_0075Poundon House Wedding photographer_0076Poundon House Wedding photographer_0077Poundon House Wedding photographer_0079


Poundon House Wedding photographer_0078
Poundon House Wedding photographer_0081Poundon House Wedding photographer_0082Poundon House Wedding photographer_0083Poundon House Wedding photographer_0085Poundon House Wedding photographer_0086Poundon House Wedding photographer_0087Poundon House Wedding photographer_0088Poundon House Wedding photographer_0089Poundon House Wedding photographer_0090Poundon House Wedding photographer_0092Poundon House Wedding photographer_0093Poundon House Wedding photographer_0094Poundon House Wedding photographer_0095Poundon House Wedding photographer_0096Poundon House Wedding photographer_0098Poundon House Wedding photographer_0097Poundon House Wedding photographer_0099Poundon House Wedding photographer_0100Poundon House Wedding photographer_0101Poundon House Wedding photographer_0102Poundon House Wedding photographer_0103Poundon House Wedding photographer_0104Poundon House Wedding photographer_0105Poundon House Wedding photographer_0106poundon house first dance
Poundon House Wedding photographer_0109Poundon House Wedding photographer_0110Poundon House Wedding photographer_0111Poundon House Wedding photographer_0114Poundon House Wedding photographer_0112Poundon House Wedding photographer_0116Poundon House Wedding photographer_0115Poundon House Wedding photographer_0113


9 thoughts on “Poundon House Wedding: Laura and Phil”

  1. Lindsay Hoeflinger

    You did such a great job on this wedding! Just perfect- the image of the guy on the motorized buggy driving by made me laugh out loud- love it!

  2. Adam, beautiful set of images. I have not looked at your site for some time but you are just getting better, every time I visit and see a new blog it’s even better than the last one. I read your interview for mirrorless lessons just interested as to how often if at all you use the Fuji and if you do what are your most used lenses. I have a wedding booked to shoot in October up your way plan to do it entirely with the XT1 (52mm f1.2) and a XE2 with a 35mm with potentially a x100s in reserve for wider shots. Any advise with the fuji would be welcome, great work best regards warren

    1. Hey Warren, thanks for the kind comments 🙂 I’m currently shooting with Nikon and Fuji. The only lenses I have for my XT1 are the 35mm and 18mm. I generally shoot weddings with these two lenses for the Fuji (so 27mm and 50mm ish equiv full frame) and with a 35mm and 85mm for the Nikon.

      When you say X100s is for wide frames, is that because you use the wide angle converter?. If so I’d be tempted to shoot with the X100s and the XT1. The X100s can cover the wide frames, and the XT1 can interchange between the 50 and 35mm’s. Hope that makes sense? Feel free to pop me an email if you fancy a brew when you are this way in October 🙂 Good luck!!

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