Twenty Twenty One

2021. What a year! Weddings came back with a bang, and what a pleasure it was to be involved in so many special days! From small socially distanced weddings in spring, it soon progressed to full on parties like never seen before. It was so great to see life and love back on show!

I’ve been shooting weddings for so long now that finding genuine moments almost seems subconscious and my muscle memory with my camera means I don’t often miss the moments I do find. That being said, I must still admit to being slightly nervous going back into shooting weddings after such a long lockdown break – would I still be able to capture the little moments that make weddings so special? I’d spent time documenting life during lockdown to keep my head in the photography space whilst weddings were at a standstill and I was thrilled when restrictions lifted and I could get back to telling wedding stories.

Emotions were high in many ways, initially as guests, including parents and best friends were unable to attend many weddings, and as things improved, the sheer jubilation at being able to come together as one again, reuniting with friends and family for the first time. I worked hard to convey the emotion and atmosphere of every wedding day, to capture the memories for all involved, and also to show how it felt to be there for those unable to make it.

A large amount of the weddings I shot were re-arranged from 2020, so a huge thanks to all the couples that worked with me to ensure I was able to fit all the weddings into the diary. It was a genuine joy to witness everyone enjoying life, celebrating family and friendships and spending time with those who matter the most, something no-one is taking for granted anymore.

Above is a quick slideshow with some of my favourite frames of the year. Every moment unposed and without any direction from me. Below is a super small selection of the images.

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  1. So bloody good. You certainly haven’t lost your touch with the enforced time off from shooting weddings, if anything you’ve come back even stronger. Love the moments you capture, the things you see, and the character of people that other people wouldn’t see

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