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At the end of a wedding day, one thing couples consistently say is how fast the day went,  “it was over in a blur!”. Luckily I’ve been busy capturing all the moments for them so the memories are not lost to the ether of time. For me, there is one thing that does fly by faster than a wedding day (or maybe as fast!) and that’s watching my little dude grow up.

When Noah was born I took a photo of him every day for his 1st year. I didn’t plan to do it again this year, but it sort of happened naturally.I can’t believe Noah’s 2 already. A little man. Full of laughter, tantrums and personality. I want to remember it all. So armed with my camera (and often my iphone!) I’ve done it again this year.

There are a few days missing. But below is a video showing what fun we’ve had with him this past year.

Turn up the sound + watch in full HD

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  1. Kids grow so fast! You’ve captured lots of great family moments there Adam. Surely, Noah’s year three will bring even more special things and one of those things is talking. Just wait for the conversations:)

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