Maunsel House Wedding

Back in 2011 I captured the wedding of Stephanie and Mike at Eastnor Castle. Little did I know that this would mark the beginning of a new romance between guests Katie and Alex and that 3 years later I would be happily photographing their big day at Maunsel house in Somerset. 

A new relationship developing between guests meeting at a wedding may be a relatively common occurrence, however Katie was living in Canada at the time and the couple initially continued their relationship ‘across the pond’ before settling together in the UK, very romantic. Lots of the family were over from Canada to enjoy the celebrations and Maunsel house provided a great location, beautiful and full of quirky British character! The owner of the venue has a collection of over 150 (deactivated!) guns proudly displayed across the rooms which kept the guests entertained, see photos below 🙂

With the wedding taking place in March, it was touch and go whether I would be able to capture the day as my wife and I were expecting a baby. Luckily, Noah was born 5 days before the wedding, so plan B wasn’t required. I made the trip to Somerset the evening before, and treated myself to a full nights sleep before the big day :-). Katie and Alex also spoiled Noah with a lovely new outfit …I posted it on twitter, take a look – very cool! 

The day was a lovely relaxed affair, Katie and the girls got ready in the very impressive ‘Kingsroom’ bedroom whilst the guys sampled the bar in another section of the house, as well as getting ready themselves. Suited up in full RAF uniform the guys looked very smart and even managed to practice the guard of honour prior to the ceremony. It was great to see Stephanie and Mike again too, and to meet their two little boys, both new additions since their wedding.

Some of my favourite storytelling images below, and a quick message I received from Katie after sending the gallery across…

“Thank you so much Adam! I’ve not been able to stop looking at the photos all day today, they are all so amazing! You did such a great job at capturing our special day!”

maunsel house wedding

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If you are planning a Maunsel House Wedding, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss documenting your day!

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